Saturday, August 20, 2016

busy Quilting Bees

A fun day with Mt Washington Quilting Bees this week. A lot of the members showed up for "play day"...because Jackie was demonstrating how she makes greeting cards with her fabric scraps.

I have tried making some of these before... using glue, and they look like they were made by an elementary school student.

Jackie has a system using an iron on bonding product that gives much better results.  She brought all the supplies and also some fabric pieces so that the rest of us could try making cards too. It was fun, but Jackie is such a pro at it - I think I will just continue buying cards that she has made!

We had time afterwards to work on our own projects.  

Jo makes little girls dresses that are sent along with people going on mission trips to Haiti. She uses her serger to sew gathered skirt fabric to purchased t-shirts.  She is always so happy while she sews these. 

Shirley is working on something really pretty...a table topper in fall colors! It looks like stained glass, doesn't it?  That will make you think about getting fall decorations out.

Sandy (on the right) is showing Joyce a binding technique.  You probably can't see it, but Sandy is wearing a ribbon on her ponytail that is printed like a tape measure. Now that's a cute thing to wear to a sewing group day!

Here, Joyce has the binding in the machine. That gold color is perfect for the Marine theme T shirt quilt she is finishing up.

Carol is cutting paper dolls and clothes from doll printed fabric. She fuses them to a stiff interfacing and sells them in craft fairs.  I am getting ready to try this myself...hope I can make mine look as good as hers!

Susan is putting together blocks that she got in our group block swap.  I didn't participate in this...and it looks like I missed out on some nice blocks!

Phyllis was cutting some Halloween fabric. I didn't get to ask her but I'll bet its for making Halloween goodie bags for her grandkids.  She makes some kind of a little surprise for them at every holiday.

And Linda was hand quilting this cute little quilt that she said she made several years ago and just never got around to doing the quilting.  Here she is marking the quilting lines with a disappearing ink...

Now, ready to take a few stitches. She had it in a wooden hoop earlier but had to remove it as she worked her way closer to the edge.

It's always fun and inspiring to see what everyone else is working on!

I did a bit more on a baby quilt. Since it's applique, it involves more prep work but should go together quickly once I have everything cut out.  I'm still not a hundred percent sure that I have chosen the right pattern.

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