Tuesday, September 30, 2014

antique optometrist's set

It seems that my paternal grandfather really enjoyed going to auctions. He was looking for bargains and I am guessing that he liked finding unusual items.

This old optometry set is one of them.
 As children, my brother and I would examine it sometimes when visiting my grandparents...looking through the different lenses until we would have to put it away before we "ruined our eyes".

It's in a suitcase-like leather covered box with a lift out velvet lined tray filled with lenses to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Some things may not be original to the kit...they have been added to the box over the years.
There is this black gadget with a hole to look through, some spare parts for glasses, and the frame that the lenses are inserted into during the vision testing.

The frame has numbers and measurements for making individual adjustments.

A little sample case of sealed glass ampoules. 

A few family member's eyeglasses have ended up being stored in here too.
These are my great grandmother's glasses. They are tiny little things with very thick lenses.

We had the case out last month after the fish fry...doing the same old thing...looking through different lenses and marveling at the unusual things inside.

My dad is thinking this set would be better off on display in a museum and is checking into maybe putting it out "on loan" to a small local museum.

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