Saturday, November 8, 2014

a walk at Bernheim Forest

We had such a lovely sunny afternoon and I was ready to get out of the house after a morning of vacuuming and dusting.
I asked Lonnie if he would like to ride down to Bernheim Forest and take a walk around the lake. He changed shoes and we were out the door!

The lake is big's 1.3 miles around ! There is a nicely maintained gravel path to walk on. Mostly flat, only a couple of small inclines.

So pretty with the trees reflected on the water.

There were still a lot of trees showing their fall color.

This was along the trail. It is woven sticks and saplings. The Bernheim Foundation folks are big on art this might be a sculpture...I'm not sure but  I might try to make one at home!

One end of the lake turns into swamp land. There is a nice wooden bridge across it. Several Canadian Geese were on the water not far off...but the lighting wasn't right to get a good photo of them. Also saw one medium fish and a bunch of small ones.

We both said we would like to do this more often. Even if it's cold outside. We will just bundle up good!

We were going to drive around the rest of the park but some of it is closed right now due to deer hunting season.

It's free admission to the park on weekdays.

Here is their website  Bernheim Forest

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