Tuesday, November 18, 2014

only two blocks left to sew

I am moving right along with these quilt blocks.  There are two blocks still to be sewn...then comes the part that is my least favorite...sewing the blocks into rows and then sewing the rows together.

This quilt will be for a four year old girl, recently adopted by my husband's nephew and wife. 
I wanted to make it a bit bigger than a crib quilt - but not too big.
It looks sort of big here but will be smaller once I get it sewed together. Then I want to put a border on it, too. I am thinking of using this purple dot fabric (at the bottom of the photo) for a border, but I am not sure yet...I may want to use a darker color...but not dark blue since it's for a girl.

I will definitely be quilting this one with colored thread. That will still need to be decided on as well.

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