Tuesday, November 11, 2014

lots of leaves

A lovely sunny  fall afternoon! We may not have too many more of these before winter sets in with it's dreary gray skies.

I had a chore I had been putting off...getting all the leaves off our upper deck. I was sort of waiting until the trees had dropped all their leaves...but there are still a few hanging on.

These are what had fallen!

You would think the leaves would blow off up there but they don't. I swept them down the stairs and put them in the compost bin.

Speaking of the stairs...look at this wood pecker damage on the deck stairs!

That is treated lumber. Shouldn't that be unappealing to insects (termites)?

While I was sweeping the deck I noticed a tractor in the field next door. Someone bush hogging over there.

They usually do this earlier in the year and bale it for hay. I guess they are just cutting now to keep it from becoming overgrown... or maybe just looking for something to do outside while the weather is nice.

Later I noticed crows circling around, waiting for the cutting to be over with so they could come down and search around for seeds and bugs. They are smart birds.

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