Tuesday, November 25, 2014

getting ready for Thanksgiving

Sunday night I put the turkey from the freezer into the fridge to be thawing. We didn't have to buy one this year...Lonnie's chiropractor was giving them away to his patients!

It weighs 13.55 pounds...smaller than I usually buy. I always send a good amount home with the boys and have enough for a day or two of leftovers for us. Then I put the rest in the freezer to use in soups.
I was considering buying a couple of extra legs to cook with it, but really, this will be enough (unless I just see some turkey legs that are a good bargain).
Also on Sunday, I cubed up some bread to be drying out for the dressing.

Monday night I took my Thanksgiving plates out of the closet.  My  thoughtful husband surprised me with this set one Thanksgiving a few years ago.

Eating off these nice dishes makes the day seem more special. They are so pretty I hate to box them up again afterwards.

So, Tuesday, I will go buy the rest of the stuff I need for the meal. Then Wednesday night I will bake the pies.

Since we are talking turkey, these pictures are from 2010. We had the largest flock of wild turkeys pass through our yard that I have ever seen here. 

You are safe with us, turkeys!  We only eat the ones from the freezer section!

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