Thursday, November 6, 2014

what I am working on

We had a gray and drizzly day so it was a good time to get some blocks finished for the little quilt I've been working on.
Even husband picked up pizza for supper, so that gave me extra sewing time, too!

These blocks aren't pressed and trimmed yet...just laid out to see how it's looking.

I was worried that I had too much of a fabric mix and that the pattern wouldn't show up clearly but I see now that it will, especially once the blocks are sewn together.

If you look in the middle there you will see how it appears to be made of curved pieces.

Actually there are no curves at all. When these two blocks are alternated they sort of fool the eye.

That is what I like about this pattern. was fun digging around in my small fabric pieces picking out all the bright colors for these blocks.


  1. Love these bright colors. I saw another quilt using this pattern this past weekend. Your color way makes it so bright and modern while the other was more old fashioned looking. Quite the chameleon blocks there! Nice job.

  2. Really pretty in such brights. I made one similar in jewel tones. I love the way this makes the circle in the middle. Hope you love it.