Monday, November 3, 2014

stuff from Sunday

Low temperatures Saturday night! There was a thick frost Sunday morning and the birdbaths were frozen on top.
Lonnie said we should just head down to Florida!

My younger son went ahead and cut down his Golden Cayenne Pepper plant and brought the peppers over to me (stalk and all). It still had several peppers growing that weren't really mature...but we cut the end of one and tasted it...they are definitely hot!  I just popped them in the freezer to add to soups or Mexican dishes.

My older son brought us some sweet, crunchy HoneyCrisp apples he bought at the fruit market.  They are so fresh tasting! And not covered with that waxy coating that the grocery store apples have.

We all had Sunday Dinner: sirloin roast, mashed red potatoes with skins, gravy, rolls, fried cabbage, hominy, and a green salad (with diced pears, swiss cheese and cashews).

All afternoon, this little female Cardinal kept pecking at her reflection in the window. It drives my older son bonkers!  

She is a pretty little thing, but I just washed that window last week and now it is getting spotted up with birdie slobber.

I thought it was mostly male birds that do this in the spring...thinking another bird is in their territory. The females must be territorial,too.

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