Thursday, November 20, 2014

thirsty birds

A few days ago there was a flock of migrating birds that stopped to take turns getting water. They drank the bird baths almost dry so I filled it up and they nearly emptied it again. Some were drinking water standing on  the pool cover.

Mostly Robins and Cedar Waxwings. These birds are insect eaters so they weren't interested in the bird feeder.

 The Cedar Waxwings are the ones with the yellow tipped tail (you probably have to biggie size the picture to see it). 

Not sure if these cats are homeless or belong to neighbors, but all the birdie commotion attracted them to the yard.  Or course the birds left when  the cats arrived.

Now that the freezing temperatures have set in...I got out the heated bird waterer...which is really a heated dog bowl.

I put a big rock inside the bowl to help the birds judge the depth or to climb out if they fall in.
This bowl is holding up much better than the birdbath heaters I have tried in the past. This will be the third winter for it.
It did ice over one time when we had a long cold spell. Easy to clean, too.

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