Friday, November 14, 2014

catalog shopping

Do you get many catalogs in the mail?  Especially in the months before Christmas?

We sure do!

I used to really appreciate getting catalogs because I could get lots of gift ideas by looking through them.
Actually, I have ordered from nearly every one of these companies at some time in the past.

Once you order - they never forget you!

It seems like my gift giving list has shrunk over the years so the catalogs aren't as handy as they used to be. I still like looking through them in case there is something really amazing in there somewhere.

Now, I order nearly everything online from Amazon...including the things I help my husband pick out for the young kids on his side of the family. Since we don't know which toys are popular, it's easy to read reviews on Amazon to see what others recommend.

Then they are delivered to our house by the nice man in a big brown truck.  That's my favorite way to shop!

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