Monday, December 22, 2014

family gathering


We had a Christmas gathering with my husbands side of the family.  I  prepare mostly the same foods each year for their visit....soups, sandwich makings, pasta salad, appetizers, and cookies and candy for dessert.
I lay everything out on the peninsula counter and everyone helps themselves.

We have a few short relatives on this side....

 A two, a three, and a four year old.
G-pa asked them if they wanted to ride a horse. I think they were expecting something a bit more exciting.

you guide them with their ears

overwhelmed with excitement

We opened gifts....Nerf guns for everyone!

  Big brother,too.

I said, no more photos!

After laying down the rule of "no shots to the face", there were Nerf bullets flying everywhere. Lots of chasing and hiding...they all had fun.  They soon were tuckered out and their mamas gathered up all the ammo and jackets and sippy cups and headed for home.

The house seemed awfully quiet after they had left!

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