Monday, December 1, 2014


I know I have been showing you a lot of birds recently but this is sort of interesting.

I pitched the Thanksgiving turkey carcass outside for the crows...but shortly, a hawk came down
 and claimed it.

These pictures aren't the greatest because I had to take them through the window.  

He stood there on top of it for a minute to make sure it was dead...then flew off carrying the rib cage in his talons.

It is surprising that a hawk would come down for something that isn't live prey, but I have seen this happen in the past when I threw a ham bone out.

Once the crows were sure the hawk had gone they came to strip the rest of the bones. The crows sometimes carry away food too...but they carry with their beaks.

They are smart enough that they will drop food into water to try to soften it up it make it easier to swallow. So now my birdbaths are all greasy from turkey skin and cartilage.

That's the part they don't understand...that they are fouling their water supply.  (foul-fowl...get it?  hee hee)

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