Monday, December 15, 2014

Nashville weekend - part one

The Hunt Brothers Christmas celebration was in Nashville over the weekend.

The hotel was in the downtown area. They put us in a suite with great views of the city.

 We really didn't need all this extra room, but it was nice to have a second bathroom when we were getting ready to go to an event.

We were on the 20th floor. Very chilly when you get close to the windows!

One night we did manage to get ourselves locked out of part of the room when one of the connecting doors either closed on it's own or by accident.  It  locked, and we had put the safety bar lock on the other room entry door... so we couldn't get in that way either. The hotel maintenance man had to make three trips up and down the elevator before he was able to get it opened.

Our view included the Nashville Public Library (this is the back). I zoomed in here for a picture to show how they have a courtyard with trees and plants in the middle of the building. There are tables and benches out there sit and read when the weather is nice. 

We opened our "welcome packet" to find tee shirts, Nascar stuff and our name badges.

Thank goodness we didn't actually have to wear the tee shirts for any of the events!

I took a lot of pictures so I will show more tomorrow.

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