Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nashville - part two

The first evening in Nashville was a company event at Wildhorse Saloon.  They took us over by bus even though it wasn't very far. There were 3 floors with a food buffet set up on each one. Bars on each floor too.

A big crowd...all pizza company employees and spouses...it was ours for the evening.

The dinner buffet was substansial. They had BBQ pork, brisket, salad, mac & cheese, green bean casserole, potatoes...some kind of cobbler dessert.

On stage, there was a group of performers that did a little skit about delivering pizza ingredients and making a pizza.
They were tossing boxes and tapping on everything with drumsticks....sort of singing and rhyming as they did so. It was funny and clever.

Kevin Harvick and his wife made an appearance. They answersd questions, signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans. He won the Nascar Sprint Cup Race this year in a car partly sponsored by Hunt Brothers Pizza.

I was just horsing around and I met this tall dude at the bar!  He didn't talk much...he must have been a little hoarse!

Later there was live country music and line dancing. We watched for awhile but we were tired out and hopped on the bus back to our hotel.

Oh dear!  I still have a lot more photos...I am going to drag this out one more day...more tomorrow!

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