Friday, December 19, 2014

more Christmas fun

My quilt group that meets at the extension office, Crazy Quilters, has a little party at Christmas time too.

This year we were short a few members ...but here is part of our group...

It wouldn't be a party without good things to eat. We pitched in and bought chicken , then everyone brought a dish to go with it. 
Salad, rolls, potato and macaroni salad, meatballs, veggies, a relish tray...

And a staggering amount of desserts!  For the sake of politeness, one must try a little of each!

We talked and ate...very enjoyable with a smaller group...everyone can participate in the same conversation.  Then we had a gift exchange of one yard of fabric and an additional gift. 

Here is my loot!   Fabric with trees, which was in the red plaid bag, a gift card to JoAnn Fabrics, and a package of truffles.

Some gloomy day later this winter, it will be fun to take my gift card and pick out something at the fabric store. It will be a good cure for the post holiday 'slump".

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