Friday, December 5, 2014

quilt group Christmas party

It seems a bit early for Christmas parties, but my quilt group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, meets early in the it was time for our holiday potluck and gift exchange.

One of our members, Sandy, was playing Christmas music on the piano as everyone was arriving.

There was a LOT of food!  Meatballs, barbecue, turkey, chicken casserole, beans, scalloped potatoes, and much, much more.

A table dedicated to  holiday weight gain   desserts!  

Our gift exchange was "an ornament that you make yourself".  The exchange was a game, which when your number was called, you could either choose a wrapped package from the table or "steal" one from someone else.  The thing was... all packages remained wrapped until the end, so you couldn't tell if you were stealing something good or not!

When they were opened, it turned out that they were all good. Very creative work!
Here are a few of the ornaments.      The one I received is on the right in this photo.

My friend, Carol, contributed to the merriment by wearing this Christmas outfit she made.

Of course there was time for socializing.

Who knew that quilters could have so much fun?   

Really, It is a great group. I am glad I joined.

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