Tuesday, September 1, 2015

all ready for Christmas

That little Christmas fabric table topper that I started on in class at the Bees meeting is now quilted and bound.  I wanted to get it finished up and put away so I can concentrate on making progress on the big quilt I am working on.

Hmmm, this probably won't be where I will put it at Christmas. It's just here for the photo shoot. I even dug out some holiday dishes that are kind of matchy.

I had the hardest time quilting this. I kept wondering what was wrong. I just couldn't get a smooth rhythm going.

When I was finished, I found out why.  When I had changed the setting on my machine for quilting - it was supposed to be set on the black line below...that's for the feed dogs to be completely lowered so the quilt can slide around smoothly as you are stitching.

I had accidentally set it on the red line.  That is for silky slippery fabrics and triggers a small pin to come up with the feed dogs to prevent the fabric from sliding around.

Well, no wonder I was having such a problem. My machine was set to do the exact opposite of what I was trying to do.

Live and learn, I guess...at least it wasn't a big quilt!

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