Wednesday, September 9, 2015

around the yard

It's very dry around the yard! We do have rain in the forecast though.

I bought some small mums, but I hate to plant them while the ground is so hard and powdery. For now, it's easy to keep them watered while they're sitting on the back porch.

Even the snakes are drying out!  Here is a long skinny one getting a drink out of the bird bath.

In the garden, we have a few cherry tomatoes left on the vines...

And of course, more jalapenos....

In the back, last year, one lone Jimson Weed plant came up in the spot where the horse barn was torn down. This year there are several, but not as big.
I have learned a little more about this plant ...though it's pretty to look at - all parts of the plant are poisonous if eaten, to humans and livestock. At the very least, eating it will make you crazed out of your mind and hallucinating for days, and it can kill you.

I read that the leaves have a foul odor, but to me, they smell like that "Bit O' Honey" candy.

I couldn't find any information about it being beneficial in any way...except as a nectar source for certain moths, since it blooms at night.
I have decided to snip off some of these seed pods to save and then cut these plants down and prevent any more from growing.

Even though there is no danger of anyone eating them at our house, I don't want it to get spread in the woods around us. 
Saving the seed pods because they are pretty plants and I might change my mind.

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