Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September block of the month

I've finished up my block of the month pair for September.

And here they are with the frame sewn on and laid out with the others.  There are still four pairs to be done.

I've switched back to not liking my color choices again. Maybe I will start sewing some of the sashing strips on to see if it looks better.

But, I want to work on my big Labyrinth Walk quilt when I get a chance to sew. I've got two blocks finished on that one and another cut out and ready to put together.

And my sewing room is a wreck right now. I had dug out Christmas fabrics to make that little table spread...and scraps for the hand sewing project I demonstrated at the fair booth...and I brought home other people's fabric scraps from the meeting last week...and I still have those old hand sewn pieces hanging around that I rescued from the donation pile at my other quilt group...and a couple of things to alter and mend!

I had to scoop a mountain of stuff off of that bed to even take the photo above!  Do you think I put it away? Nope...piled it in a big basket!  

Next you will be seeing me on that "Hoarders" program!

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