Thursday, September 3, 2015

riding around with the paper boy

My husband volunteers at church to help distribute the church newspapers.  It's not delivering individual copies to homes, but delivering to businesses where people can pick up a free paper from a rack.

The church puts out their paper once a week. Lonnie can usually get his picked up from the church and delivered all in one day...but yesterday we were running errands in the area, so he decided to go ahead and get his papers loaded a day ahead.

He delivers to grocery stores, doctor's waiting rooms, hair salons, several fire stations, a tire shop, a couple of restaurants...places like that.

Some places get ninety papers on a rack. others might just get two or three in a waiting area.
he makes 37 stops on delivery day.

Here he is all loaded for the next day!

I just sat and did some stitching instead of helping out!  Lazy me!  He works so fast, I would have just been in the way, though.

The good thing about this volunteer work is that the delivery days are a little bit flexible (within 3 days), and they can always find a replacement if there is a week when he has to go out of town.
He enjoys getting out and about and away from his desk for the day.

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