Friday, September 25, 2015

sprucing up things

Isn't this perfect weather for getting things done outside?  Warm, sunny, no humidity and no rain.

I will probably run out of good weather before I run out of chores to do...but I prefer it that way. I would get pretty nervous if I were caught up on I had reached "the end"!

Here's what has been bugging me. The pool house door. Some kind of mildew on the door and the trim paint is peeling.

Painted the trim and just washed off the door. A quick fix and a huge improvement!

One  thing leads to another , so I got a fresh bucket of sudsy water and washed the windows out there, too. There's  only two of them. 

Then I took a rest on the swing...hmmm, this thing could use some paint too.

Maybe tomorrow!

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