Thursday, September 24, 2015

slow down for the curves

 Earlier this week, after a visit with my parents, I decided to take the scenic route home.  I like to take the back roads on days when I don't have other stops to make.

I was enjoying the late summer scenery, when I rounded a curve to see this......

...a dump truck on it's side.  There were no police or EMS there yet,  but a pick up truck with ladders on top pulled up, and a man in a yellow safety vest took one of the ladders and leaned it up against the dump truck and climbed up. He had a hard time getting the door open,

Directly, out climbs the dump truck driver.

It looks like he is fine, he climbed down the ladder unassisted.

His truck didn't look so great.  It looks like he hit someone's driveway entrance... maybe a culvert.

Last spring I was right behind another accident on this same road. There had been a light rain, and a pick up truck slid out on a curve and crashed through someone's nice black board fence.

And, years ago, I was a passenger in a car that was involved in an accident on this road!

I think I will choose a different route to use hereafter.

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