Saturday, September 19, 2015

another batch of soup

My goodness, it seems like all I talk about is cooking and food.
I have been doing some yard work, but a pile of pulled weeds and crabgrass doesn't seem like a good subject for photos.

So, soup it is!

My husband told me he was getting hungry for some chicken soup with homemade noodles, so I took some chicken thighs from the freezer and put them in the fridge to thaw for soup later on in  the week.

The very same evening his bible class had a potluck dinner and three people all brought pasta dishes for the main course.  Well...that took the edge off of his noodle craving, but since I had the chicken thawing, I had to use it somehow and came up with  this...Chicken, Corn and Broccoli Chowder.

No real recipe...but here is what I used...

....frozen broccoli,  frozen corn blend, diced carrots,celery and onions,  stewed chicken thighs, salt, pepper, bay leaf and chicken soup base, and Velveeta cheese.

I always saute the diced veggies in olive oil to get started. Then, diced the chicken thighs and added to the pot.

Next I poured in  the (strained) broth from stewing the chicken, some extra water and a tablespoon of the chicken base.  I brought the temperature up to a boil then added the frozen veggies.

That corn mix (and the  broccoli) is from Sams. It's kind of like that "Mexicorn" that comes in a can with red and green peppers in it...but this kind also has a few black beans, and I think, some onions.

I covered the pot and simmered - maybe a bit too long because my broccoli got pale and soft and nearly disappeared.

I stirred in a few ounces of Velveeta cheese. Just enough to make the broth rich.

It came out pretty good -  a good combination.   My husband liked it too.

I considered adding some white or brown rice to the mix, but I didn't want the soup to keep growing!
Since it has  the cheese in it, it probably wouldn't look very appealing if it were frozen and thawed to eat at a later date.

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