Monday, September 21, 2015

why everything takes so long

A couple of my Heuchera plants have been suffering in too sunny of a spot all summer.  I wanted to move them to a more shady spot, here by the pool house, so they will have a good start next spring.

But first, I had to clean up this flower bed a little. It was weedy and full of small branches and sticks that had fallen from the trees.

So,first I had to get the wheelbarrow to throw the sticks into.  But it had a flat first I had to air that up.

While I was in the pool house (really just a storage shed with the pool pump inside) to get the air machine, I got tired of walking around the hose we keep coiled up in there, so I decided that first, I would take a minute to hang up the hose holder that had been laying there since last year...but first, I had to go back inside and down to the basement to get a small section of plywood (which happened to be the exact size that I needed!) to fasten it to.  There, that's where was I ?

Oh yeah, the flower bed.   I got it cleaned up and my plants moved - and watered it all with my neatly hanging hose!

The next day I bought some fresh mulch...but then had to air up the wheelbarrow tire again to wheel it out to the flower bed.    Lonnie is going to take the tire down to the tire shop and have them fix it, though.

This area will should fill out nicely next spring. There is a Bleeding Heart that comes up in  the back right corner and I divided a Japanese Fern into three clumps and placed them around the bed.
So, I am ahead already for next spring.  ???

 Right ?


  1. We fall into that "extra step needed" syndrome pretty much every minute of every day... Maybe Amazon has a no-flat tire.

    1. Lonnie took the tire to Big O...they charged $20 to put an inner tube in the tire.
      Will definitely look for the no-flat if this doesn't work!