Friday, September 11, 2015

roundabout way to get ice cream

We were out running errands and decided to take a short cut to our next stop, but there was road construction. Actually they had put in a new roundabout.  Here in Louisville we just don't normally come across them. See it on the map below?

. Anyway we took a detour and happened across "Barrel of Fun"  ice cream. 

My husband loves ice cream so he couldn't just pass it by. They have soft serve and dipped ice cream in lots of different flavors. (Ruggles brand ice cream).

He got one scoop of Caramel Praline Pecan and one scoop of Coconut Bonbon!  

I am that annoying person who doesn't want to order her own ice cream cone...but would just like a bite or two of yours!    What's he waiting for? Come a little closer.....

We have been here before...maybe about nine or ten years chance when we were just riding around...and we stopped for ice cream then, too. But it's normally off the beaten path for us.

This time we'll just blame it on  the roundabout!

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