Monday, September 28, 2015

class reunion

Saturday, we drove over to Evansville for Lonnie's class reunion. He has lots of happy memories of his high school days, so he really enjoys going to the reunions every five years.

It takes a couple of hours to get over there, so I took some needlework to do in the car.

They had arranged a lunchtime gathering at the "Kennel Club". That gave us plenty of time for traveling there and back on the same day.

See here?  I told you he enjoys the reunions!

He is quite popular with the ladies!    Look at these smiling can tell they are remembering happy times. (or maybe he is tickling them!)

Those other guys are just setting back there eating while Lonnie is hugging every one of the women!

Really, he did talk to the men as well. I'm just having some fun with it.

Back when they went to school, all the boys had classes on the ground floor of the school and the girls had class upstairs...but they socialized before and after school and and at ball games and so forth.

One of the ladies told me that six couples, all from that same graduating class, got married right out of high school, and are either still married, or parted by the death of one of the spouses.
Pretty remarkable!

The lunch was "blah"....and that's putting it nicely.

We just picked around at it, then afterwards, we went to Torino's for pizza.

Then, because Lonnie's sister, Betty, has always talked about how good these donuts are, we had to make a stop at Donut Bank! 

We made a "withdrawal" there!    Not to eat after that big pizza, but to bring home for dessert after Sunday dinner.

Well, maybe we did have to try one when we got home...just to make sure they were of good quality!

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