Saturday, September 26, 2015

summer is over

My husband had made arrangements with the pool company to come out and close up our pool one day next week...but they called and said they would be in the area yesterday...and wondered if they could go ahead and do the job.

So, boo hoo, summer is definitely over.

But getting it covered will be sort of a relief. The trees are already dropping some leaves, and a lot end up in the pool.

With the cooler nights we have had, the water had turned pretty cold...but it was okay if you could get out and warm up in the sun.

Goodbye pool...see you in  the spring!

Later in the day, the Black Vultures were back at the birdbath.  
I happened to see them landing on the ground ...and they ran full tilt to the birdbath. 
So funny looking when they run...kind of a stiff legged waddle...but fast!

It is a mother and baby for sure.  Again, the baby couldn't figure out how to hop up on the birdbath, so the mother would hop down and regurgitate some water into the baby's mouth. (take a minute to think about that!)

In other large bird news...the wild turkeys are taking advantage of the dry ground to scratch up some nice dust bath areas back in  the field.

They find a spot where moles have tunneled and loosened up the ground , then they scratch and pick at the dirt until it's just right.   They squat down in the dust bowl and use their wings to throw dirt on their back...shaking and sifting it down into their feathers.

When they are finished they stand up and shake...almost like a dog. That puts off a big dust cloud!

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