Friday, September 18, 2015

the Sasquatch cooks

My parents had this cast iron piggy hibachi that they had not used in awhile.

Knowing how the Sasquatch collects cast iron cookware they asked if he would like to have it to add to his collection.

Well just look how cute it is! Of course he was happy to have it!   It's kind of an unusual item.

But he isn't just letting it sit around, he is using it.   Take a look at this colorful healthy meal he grilled on it.

A chicken breast, a tomato and squash kebab, and another skewer with sliced potato and golden cayenne pepper rings. (the pepper from his own plant).

There is a second grate inside the pig, that the charcoal sits on. He said it works really well and it is a good size for cooking for one.

And yes, he is cooking on his tailgate.  After all, he is a Sasquatch!

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