Tuesday, January 26, 2016

a walk in the snow

Sunday afternoon was sunny and beautiful, and after dinner, Chopper suggested that we  go for a walk in the snow.
Luckily, I still had a pair of his rubber boots here, from when he still lived at home.

 The Sasquatch had on some water resistant hiking boots so we were all set.

Back in the field we saw this in the snow...   Can you guess what it is?

It's where a wild turkey flew down from the trees and landed.

We walked to the abandoned camp houses.

The sun and snow made it easy to see inside, but it's still kind of creepy and scary.

They have all been ransacked.   It's so strange that so much was left behind to begin with though.

Someone thought they would be coming back to use this hairbrush and hair band.

A pretty floral window shade dry rotting where it hangs.

This concrete block one still looks pretty good from the outside....

Not much left of this one...

But the television is still there...

A tire swing silently waiting for kids who won't be coming...

There were horseshoes nailed up inside and outside of this one. For good luck?

We didn't make it around to all the houses, the sun started getting lower in the sky so we headed back.

This was such a pretty little stream surrounded by snow. We had to cross it just beyond that small waterfall. It was mossy and slippery!
The Sasquatch took this photo.

It really was enjoyable to get out and tramp around in the snow.  No one even threw any snowballs at me! 

It felt like an oven when we walked back inside our house. We had gotten adjusted to the temperature outside!

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