Friday, January 22, 2016

more snow on the way

My sons' Granny, on their dad's side, used to say this about snow...
"It's a layin' on the ground waitin' for some more"
...meaning if the snow doesn't melt in a day or two - it's likely to snow again.

She had a lot of sayings like that, and it seems like this one always holds true. We had snow earlier this week and the forecast is saying we'll get several inches more.

I threw some cracked corn out for the crows, then the turkeys happened to come by and see it there. They trampled down a lot of snow searching for corn, there are turkey tracks criss crossing everywhere.

Like everyone else, I made a trip to the grocery to stock up before the big snow...even though there was already plenty of food here.  
I won't need to go anywhere again until this is all melted!

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