Friday, January 1, 2016

happy 2016 !

Happy New Year to all.

I appreciate the start of a shiny new year, but I'm afraid Lonnie and I are pretty boring when it comes to "ringing in the new year".

We spent New Years Eve with a couple of Netflix movies, glasses of Sprite Cranberry Zero and the leftover Christmas cookies.  Cozy and comfy!

So, really not much going on around here worth mentioning.

I saw the pale yellow cat again...boldly strolling across the pool cover...

Oh cat, if only you knew what was underneath you!  He stopped and stared at the puddles of collected water. What is he expecting to see in there? Fish?

Then he wandered over to a spot under the birdbath, to watch the activity at the bird feeder.

Can you make him out? Directly at the base of the birdbath.

He looks fat and healthy and he wasn't really trying to catch a bird, so I don't think he is starving and homeless.

He is still a "fraidy cat". If he sees me at the door he freezes, then spins around runs away.

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