Thursday, January 28, 2016

Red Dress Project

Each year, the Homemakers sewing groups have been asked to make these table centerpieces for a fancy luncheon that is held later in the spring.

We don't actually go to the luncheon. It's a fundraiser for women's heart health awareness...$125 a plate!
Their slogan is "Go Red for Women"...that's how the red dresses figure in.

Each of us are given a small wire "mannequin". We use  fabrics or materials  of our choice to design and construct a red dress for it.

The fact that the dress doesn't ever have to come back off of the wire form makes things easier. You can just stitch it together without having to worry with snaps or buttons.

I had my materials ready to work with, but for some reason I just kept putting it off. 
But yesterday I had to get it has to be turned in at the meeting this evening!

I might see if I can make some improvements on it yet today. I think maybe the shoulder wrap should be longer.  Maybe belted at the waist?

It will be fun seeing what ideas the other ladies in my group have come up with for their red dresses.

I think later on, we will be invited to a little party where all the red dresses made in the Louisville area will be on display...with judging and prizes! And refreshments!

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