Tuesday, January 12, 2016

left - right - center

Last week, when my quilt group had "Stone Soup" day, we also played a fun game.  
I have mentioned it before but this time I wanted to tell you how it's played.

The game is called "Left-Right-Center".  We split up into groups to play. We all bring strips of fabric to use as our playing pieces (but you could use anything; coins,candy,etc) and we use a special set of three dice.

The dice are marked with L, R, C, and a dot. Players take turns rolling all three dice at a time.
For each L - you pass a fabric strip to the person on your left
For an R - pass fabric a fabric strip to the person on your right
If you roll dots - you keep your fabric
And for each C - a strip goes to the center (the pot or kitty)

You keep playing around the table. The last person holding a fabric strip wins all the fabric in the center.

Here's what the dice look like, and these are strips of fabric I brought.

There were only five ladies in the group I was playing in.

Fewer players means a better chance of winning...but you wont win as many strips.

Somehow, I got lucky and won twice!  I have never won before when playing this game.  I went home with this nice little stack of fabric...plus some of my original strips.

Here is one of the other groups. Looks like nearly everyone is out of fabric. There's about to be a winner!

This large group of nine had an exciting game going...

Pretty fabrics too!

Look at that huge stack of fabric in the center!  Someone will be a lucky winner. 

I guess if you aren't a quilter, you might think the strips of fabric don't look like much...but we cut them in a commonly used size...2 1/2"....so they are useful and fun to mix and match in a scrappy quilt.  In fact, fabric shops sell bundles of fabric cut in this size of strips...usually all color coordinated though.

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