Saturday, January 2, 2016

out for a drive

We started off the new year in a fun taking a nice long drive.

"Creeks and rivers" seemed to be the theme. Everywhere we went we noticed overflowing ponds, lakes, and creeks.

We traveled on the state roads and back roads.
The first stop was Otter Creek Park...

It was free entry for the day on New Years Day.  Otter Creek wasn't overflowing but the water was up and  flowing swiftly.

From there - on in to Brandenburg where we pulled off for this great view of the Ohio River.

That's actually someone's house there on the hill overlooking the river!  

Then we crossed the bridge to Indiana.  (Someone needs to get their paint brushes out!)

We drove along the Blue River near Corydon.  Lots of high water here....

That's an old decaying bridge below. I assume the river banks are normally just below it.

From there, on to Leavenworth. We could drive pretty close to the Ohio river here...

Then just up the road, an overlook with a view for miles in both directions.

There is a restaurant there named "The Overlook". Lonnie went in and got a paper menu. We didn't want to eat there that day, but we might come back to try it sometime.

We drove on, trying to stay close to the river, but soon we came across a sign warning "high water ahead"  It said how many miles it would be, but we couldn't tell if it said 1.6 miles or 6 miles or 16 miles.  

Around 10 miles later we came to this...

We probably could have made it through, but it sure would have spoiled a perfect day if we couldn't.

Lonnie said too, even if we drove through this there could be more and deeper water ahead.

Good point! We turned around and backtracked, which was fine. Everything looks different when you approach from the opposite direction anyway. 

It really was a great day for a drive. Hardly anyone on the roads. Easy to putt along and look at the scenery without someone riding your bumper.

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