Monday, January 18, 2016

garlic pull-apart

Usually, I like crunchy toasted garlic bread...but this soft pull-apart garlic bread is good to change up the menu sometimes.

I use Kroger frozen dinner roll dough, butter, and fresh garlic.

I let the dough thaw in the fridge overnight, then arranged the dough balls in a greased tube pan.
These are one ounce dough portions. I used twenty one of them and it was a bit crowded in the pan, as you will see.

Chop at least three or four big cloves of garlic...or more if you like.

Melt six or seven tablespoons of butter in a skillet (you can use part butter/part olive oil too).
Add the garlic and saute it briefly. Not too long or too hot or it can turn bitter.

Pour this mixture over the dough balls...

...and cover with plastic wrap.

Let rise in a warmish place for a couple of hours.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes...until it sounds hollow when you tap it.

Oh dear!  I baked these in the small oven and they swelled up and hit the top element...that's what the black marks are.   That's not what you should do!

No problem though...because I tipped them upside down on a plate!

We had this for Sunday dinner, along with Famous Butter Chickenfried rice, and a mix of vegetables.  Notice my new baking dish there in the center of the table?  It's Fiesta brand, made in the USA...a Christmas gift from Lonnie.

Looks like no one minded the burned spots on the garlic bread!

Later on we had No-Bake Cookies for dessert.  They were a bit crumbly this time but no one seemed to mind that either.

There were snow flakes swirling around in the afternoon. Pretty to look at and not enough to show up on the ground.

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