Friday, January 29, 2016

quilt group night

We had a lot going on at our Crazy Quilters group.

A lady stopped by with a lot of fabric she was selling for $1.00 per yard.  It wasn't stolen merchandise...she used to work in the fabric department at Walmart, so she had first chance at clearance fabric.
She must have tons of it, from what she told us, but now she is having health problems and has moved into her sons room for all that fabric!
I bought 4 yards of it. It wouldn't be right not to help her get rid of it, you know!

As I mentioned yesterday - it was time to turn in our Red Dress projects. These aren't all of them. Some had been turned in already and weren't there.

They were all lovely!   That's mine, second from the right. I did decide to put ribbon around the waist and I think it was an improvement.

Everyone was working on a project.  Below is Dee, on the left with some blocks of a quilt she is working on.  
Beside her is Stephanie, our newest member. She's been working on her very first quilt...and sewing it all by hand. I will be sure to get a photo of that next time!

Barbara is still working on her 2015 Block of the month, too (like me). She is doing hers in fall colors.

Joan was sewing up some sets of coasters (like you put under a drink) to use as gifts.

Isolde and Jan were making some lanyards that will be used as name badge holders at an upcoming quilter event.

Linda was doing some different and weaving.

There is a square of plywood inside that green cloth. Linda placed a row of sturdy straight pins in the cloth at the top and bottom. She then looped heavy thread (maybe crochet cotton) back and forth between the pins.
Then she began weaving different yarns through the thread.  Normally she she goes from bottom to top, but she told us she is trying something different by placing that tree shape first.

Pin weaving looks like something I would like to try...but I have too many other projects going right now.  Maybe someday!

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