Saturday, January 16, 2016

if the shoe fits

I have become a huge fan of Crocs footwear. I know they are hideous to behold but they are so soft and comfortable!

I noticed on their website, that they offer some styles that aren't quite so homely looking. In fact, you might not even know they are Crocs.

I wanted to try some closed shoes (rather than the clogs I've been wearing), so I ordered a pair in my usual size......

Huh??   The shoes I received would practically fit inside the clogs of the same size.

My feet are really wide so there was no way these were going to fit, and they weren't long enough either.  Sorry to show my dirty shoe bottom...I actually took these photos to send to the Crocs website to show them why I shouldn't have to pay for return shipping.

I didn't even have to send the photos though. I did an online "chat" with a Crocs representative, who emailed a prepaid return shipping label to me.

That's good customer service!

If I am ever near a Crocs store, I'll go in and try some on to see if I can find a good fit.

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