Wednesday, January 20, 2016

what I've been reading

Last week I stopped by the library to drop off some donation books, and as usual, I was drawn over to their "discard" shelf...the books they are getting rid of.

I always like to take a few of these home. No worries about getting them back by a due date. I can even just leave one in the car to read if I get stuck in traffic or get stuck waiting for a tow truck.

This time I found five books that looked interesting. I read this small, short one first...

"Still Life with Chickens", a memoir by Catherine Goldhammer.

In a humorous way, the author tells the story of the first few years of her life following a divorce.

She realized that she, and her thirteen year old daughter, would have to downsize from their huge, beautiful home in the upper crust section of town.  After months of searching for a house, she settled on buying a small fixer upper cottage near a beach. (the city or state are not mentioned but it must be along the coast in the north east).

Her daughter hates the cottage at first sight, so in order ease her daughter into their new home, Ms Goldhammer promises that they can raise chickens there.

Lot's of funny chapters about the two of them learning all about taking care of chickens...also about the condition of the cottage and the remodeling and repairs being made there. There are also descriptions of the neighbors in their new community...some good, some bad, and some very eccentric!

Gradually, the author and her daughter make their new house a home...a place where they feel like they belong.

Ms Goldhammer keeps her writing upbeat and light pity party here.  That made the book an enjoyable read.  

It's very short, only 178 small pages. 
I will just slip it back on the "discard" shelf at the library next time I'm there.

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