Tuesday, January 5, 2016

quilting the quilt

I've been working on quilting the Labyrinth Walk quilt...I'm almost half way through it and no problems so far.

I am using this nice quality "King Tut" thread in a variegated brown and tan.  I bought it way back when I first bought the fabric...and that was before I had even tried much machine quilting.

This quilt is so big and heavy (with the double batting), I figured I might have to take my machine down to the dining room table to do the quilting there.

But my usual set up worked...using a small rolling counter-height table on my left to support the weight of the quilt.

I start quilting in the middle and work out toward the sides and corners.  Doing my same old meandering stitching. 

Probably, some straight line stitching inside each block would have highlighted the 3D design better, but I wanted all-over stitching that crosses all the seam lines to make the quilt strong and long lasting...since it is so heavy and meant to be used.

I do get some messy curves and uneven shapes in the stitching. I tell myself to just carry on with the design and if I can find the goofs when I'm done - them I'll fix them!


  1. Done is always better than perfect. When a quilt is going to be used quite a bit, then imperfection just add character!