Friday, January 8, 2016

Quilting Bees stone soup

January is always the month when my quilt group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, has "Stone Soup".

Everyone brings something to contribute; broth, veggies, spices, meat, pasta or barley.  

Our president, Carol, made the broth again this simmering beef bones for 3 days!  She told us she had experimented with using ox tails for broth but  prefers to use bones that aren't so fatty.

Phyllis and Betty (they are sisters) usually  oversee the cooking pots. One batch of soup with onions - the other without.

While the soup was simmering, other members were working on this year's charity project...walker tote bags... to be distributed at some of our local nursing homes. 

I haven't made any bags yet, but I'll get around to it!   They need to be made with heavier fabric than what is used for quilts. 

Below, Beverly has a method of putting them together quickly, using her serger and upholstery fabric samples.

And there is more going on!  That's Benita in the pink sweater, handing out the block patterns for this month's "block of the month".  The ladies have to show their finished block from the previous month before they can get the new pattern. That keeps us all motivated to keep up!

Ahh, here is Phyllis heading my way with the serving cart. Steaming hot bowls of soup!
I think she wishes I would put away my camera! Okay....

Some of the ladies bring crackers or rolls.  There always is a smattering of leftover Christmas goodies too.

The leftover soup gets put into jars for anyone to take home. Lonnie said he wishes I would have brought some home for him to try.  

  Maybe next year, if there is enough!

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