Tuesday, May 24, 2016

cute walkway

I took a drive out to the Sasquatch's house. I told him about a clunking noise that I've heard in my Jeep a few times...in the rear... when I take off from a stoplight.

He checked underneath and said everything seems to be fine. I will just keep listening to see if I hear it any more.

Unrelated to the problem, but my tailgate is sagging from the weight of the spare tire and it's getting harder to close it. The Sasquatch is going to check online for  new hinges or some other solution for me.

He has been busy around the house. He pressure washed the siding and made this cute little walkway from the driveway to the back porch.

The round stepping stones were there when he moved in...but just placed randomly, so you had to hopscotch your way up to the door.  The bricks were on the property too. 
This a good way to make use of them.

In the corner by the porch he has planted some starts of sedum from my house. That should fill in that problem area nicely.

And he worked on his riding mower too. It was always breaking belts. He fixed it with a pulley and belt from a timing system he changed out of his car.

Here he is one handedly tumping over the riding mower to show me how he relocated the pulley!

A lovely day for a drive home along the back roads, with the windows open, swiveling my head left and right to see what everyone has blooming in their yards!

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