Tuesday, May 10, 2016

my plant orders have arrived

I think I might have overdone it with my tree and shrub ordering this year.

When our nice big pine tree blew over a few week ago, I went online and searched for "fast growing evergreens".  One of the results was a type of holly.
That seemed like it would be a nice change from all the conifers out front, so I ordered from Evergreen plant Nursery in Tennessee.

My plants arrived in a ham box - that's a fooler!

But they are nice plants and nicely packed. Each plant was bagged and fastened to the box with twist ties to keep them from moving around during shipping.

As you can see, I ordered a few more things than a Holly.  I am putting two hollies in place of the fallen pine...and there are three of another type of holly...and on the right there are two japonicas.

The taller plant is a Ginkgo tree.  That will be planted in memory of my husband's brother, Jim, who passed away early this year. Jimmy loved trees and planted dozens of them on his property. His Ginkgo was one of his favorites.

 Later I remembered that I wanted to buy a replacement for a Damson Plum tree that fizzled out not long after I planted it a couple of years ago.
It came from ArborDay.org so I went online to order one of those. Of course, I found more stuff there too...and they give free plants with every order.

Look at the difference in size and packaging. Those sticks poking out of the plastic bag on the left are the plum tree, four privet shrubs, a free red maple and 2 free forsythias (all bare root and dormant). In the back is a small bag with four boxwood shrubs.  And the largest thing there is a Crapemyrtle.

Now I have to figure out where to put all this extra stuff!  Some of the small items can stay in flower pots until they get a bit bigger.

Unrelated...when I was driving out of the driveway Saturday morning, I glanced over at the front porch, checking for packages. 
Instead I saw one of those Black Vultures standing at the front door...just like he was waiting for someone to let him in!

I tried to back up and get a better photo of him but that made him nervous.

I can't imagine what he was doing there.  He hasn't been back that I have noticed.

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