Thursday, May 12, 2016

still working on the quilt

Remember how I asked for opinions on whether I should use blue or brown for the sashing strips in this quilt?
Some said they liked the brown, and about the same number said they liked the I got a lot of suggestions on ways to use both.

I tried to look for clues about what colors the recipient might like...
Aha! I spotted these blue shoes of his!    But wait , there is also a brown pair behind them (or they might be gray).

Oh, he is definitely wearing a brown shirt!  But wait!  That's a blue tee shirt peeking out at the neck!

That settles it...I will use some combination of blue and brown.

But first, I have to cut and sew about a million of these parallelograms for the fancy border.

Here is one layout inner border, fancy parallelogram border, then brown outer border framing everything up.  

Hmmm, how many more times will I change my mind?
That's part of the fun of quilting though, trying different things!

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