Thursday, May 5, 2016

show and tell at Quilting Bees

It was meeting day for Mt. Washington Quilting Bees and a lot of the ladies had projects to show off.

First, let me show you Linda's Sunbonnet Sue and Sam quilt.  She wasn't bringing it for show and tell...she brought it so she could thread-baste the layers together, using a few tables pushed together in our meeting room.  

All the Sues and Sams have different fabrics for their outfits - so cute!

Linda has sort of a funny story about this quilt.
She started it as a gift for her daughter's high school graduation...and, let's see...her daughter is now (ahem) 35!
Sometimes it just takes awhile to get around to things.  And Linda has been busy sewing, and hand quilting, baby quilts for all her grandchildren in the meantime.

She had that big quilt basted quickly. It's like her hands just know what to do automatically, while she is chatting with the rest of us.  She will be hand quilting this one too.

Bernadette brought in a quilt top she has finished  - piecing and applique.  Fresh spring time colors!

Benita brought in a quilt top she found for $5 at a yard sale. Sort of a rescue really. She has been re-stitching parts of it and getting seams straightened and reinforced.

Judy brought in her "America the Beautiful" quilt. Several of us (including me) started making one of these about two years ago. Judy is only about the second or third one to finish. She said it's her most favorite of all the quilts that she's ever made.

Lois showed this bright and cheerful quilt. She has a business as a long-arm quilter, so a lot of her sewing time is taken up with quilting other people's quilts.  She was happy that she was able to finish up a quilt of her own!

Diane's quilt is adorable! You have to see it in person to see all the special touches she has added...wool applique, button eyes for the frog and the bird, sparkly beads and more.

She gets more and more  creative and artistic all the time.  I didn't ask her if she would be entering this one in the state fair this year...but it looks like a winner to me!

It's always so inspiring to see such talent and skill.  It makes me want to go home and start sewing right away.
Lucky for me it was a cool rainy afternoon - so that's exactly what I did!

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