Tuesday, May 17, 2016

hoarding tuna

When I was at the grocery a few days ago, I found (and bought) a lot of things marked down that had been part of Kroger's "Taste of Spain" promotion.

Jars of premium tuna, jars of spicy red sauce, bottles of gazpacho, packages of chorizo, , and Spanish cupcakes!

The tuna was the best deal...$2.49 for big seven ounce jars.  I hadn't tried it but the Sasquatch had bought a jar of it after it went on sale at his Kroger...and he said it was really good.

Nice big fillets of tuna inside!   We tried it and it is good - not fishy tasting either. 
Original price was $9.99 per jar!

I bought a lot - but see how much my Kroger receipt says I saved...

  Plus, I get the fuel points, and I get 6% cash back on groceries purchased with my credit card.

Whew!   I better go buy something with all this money I've saved!
Maybe I'll go back and buy the rest of the tuna.

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