Thursday, May 19, 2016

what's been blooming

The ants have been busy doing whatever it is they do that helps the peonies bloom.

Nice big blooms this year!

I only have these white ones but I might eventually add some more. They seem to do well here and don't need a lot of attention.

Next up....Salvia...white and purple...

The Clematis, up close....

Now from farther away.  I had taken this photo as the sun was going down (it's a little washed out).

Then again a bit later as it was getting dark...The Clematis and the purple Iris looked like they were glowing...

I make an exception to my "nothing with thorns" policy for these miniature roses. They are a perfect yellow.
That's Artemisia growing low in the back.

The shade bed is filing in nicely...

The only blooms there are some tiny Coral Bells (Heuchera)

Uh-oh, these two below are nearly the same color. Someone will have to move. Probably the Heuchera, the Japanese fern will stay.  
Well they both can stay until I get everything else done!

This Sedum by the pool edge is really plumped up with all the rain we've had.  I am really happy with it. I like the contrast of the lime green Sedum with the blue of the pool.

I have some different Sedum around the back edge of the pool...but I think I will move that somewhere else and spread this kind all the way around.

That is, after I get everything else done!


  1. All the plantings look so pretty Darla, lots of work but oh my what beauty. Love all the purples and burgundy's. HUGS DianeK

    1. Thank you Diane, it's a work in progress. Something I really enjoy though!

  2. Replies
    1. It's a cousin I guess. I have a couple of different kinds- decorative only..."silver mound" and "powis castle" and one other.
      I remember you mentioning that one kind, wormwood?, was used for brewing absinthe.
      I won't be trying that, but I have read that Absinthe is not as dangerous or addictive as has been claimed.