Saturday, May 21, 2016

rainy day cook out

Last Saturday I wrote about how we were mixed up about the date that Lonnie's brother, Charlie was coming for a visit.

So we got that all straightened out and Charlie and his older daughter, Dawn, arrived in the middle of a downpour yesterday.
It really did rain all day.

We told them the weather had been much nicer last weekend!

I had a batch of Bruschetta  and toasted french bread ready to snack on while Lonnie got the grill started.

His grill is in the screen porch and it's dry in there...but he had to dash back and forth from the kitchen to the grill a couple of times in the pouring rain.  

Here is Lonnie and his brother Charlie... 

And Charlie's daughter, Dawn.

Along with the steaks, we had caesar salad, buttered mixed vegetables and red skinned potatoes.

For dessert, a Pumpkin Roll.  I forgot to put the chopped pecans on the filling layer before I rolled it I just rolled them around on the outside.

Afterwards we sat in the front room and talked until up in the evening.

We really enjoyed the's been a while since we've had guests (maybe since Christmas?).
We all agreed we need to do this more often!

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