Friday, May 20, 2016

progress on the quilt

I was so happy to see the sun finally out again yesterday...and warmer temperatures.
We have been freezing in the house because we had the gas turned off for the summer, to save paying the base fee for those months (our furnace is the only thing that uses gas).

The cooler temperature hasn't stopped the grass from growing!   While I was waiting for the sun to dry things up outside so I could mow, I cut the first border for the quilt and sewed it on. 

Next will be the parallelogram border - which I worked on this week, on quilt group day. I still need to iron the strips and trim the dog ears off, then sew both strips together.

It probably seems like I'm showing the same photos of this quilt over and over, but I really am making progress!

Also, in the afternoon, I planted the new Damson Plum tree, and a small Sycamore tree that had grown from a seed that just happened to land in a flower pot at the Sasquatch's house.
Then, I dug up an area in the back field to plant the offshoots of the Nandina that Chopper brought over. I surrounded those with some daylillies that I had thinned out from another flower bed.
The dirt is not very good back there. We'll see how they do.

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