Monday, May 30, 2016

no new recipes

No new recipes this week, unless you count this custard mix.

It's from Kroger's closeout sale of foods from their "Taste of Spain" promotion. The Sasquatch brought over 3 different kinds of this dessert mix that he found for 25 cents each at the Kroger near his house.

It was good...almost like custard doughnut filling! Just add milk and sugar and cook a couple of minutes until thickened.

I also made a batch of Sugar Cookies to have along with the custard for Sunday dessert.

Our Sunday dinner was Famous Butter ChickenFried Rice, Carrot Salad. garlic rolls, and a combination of green peas and sugar snap peas.

The garlic rolls are made with Kroger frozen dinner rolls, thawed and baked in a square pan with minced fresh garlic and melted butter drizzled over before baking.

The butter chicken is a simple recipe but this time I forgot to add the butter to the dish until it was nearly finished baking. It still came out fine though.

Sounds like a lot of butter in one meal doesn't it? It just worked out that way.
I might as well tell you...there was butter on the peas too!

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