Thursday, May 26, 2016

neglected flower bed

My new bypass pruners arrived yesterday...

My old ones broke last summer and I haven't really missed them until I started working on this overgrown corner. 
That's a big lilac bush that was there when we moved here.  I've read,  that every few years, you are supposed to cut out about a third of the largest trunks. I do this with my other lilac bush, but I've been neglecting this one.
Some of the trunks were so big I had to cut them with the reciprocating saw, but I needed new pruners for the smaller stuff.

Planted too near the lilac bush are two azaleas (also here when we moved here). They developed a bad growth habit...trying to reach for the sun.  There was a lot of dead wood in them and they barely bloomed this they got a major pruning too.
That's one of the pruned azaleas below, right at the base of the lilac. 
I dug up some dirt around it to see if it could be moved - but it has a huge thick root - so I just left it as is.

This big pile of clippings all came out of that area!  There were vines...a thorny one and Virginia Creeper...and Creeping Charlie everywhere.  
The pruners worked good! I like Fiskars brand.

Now for some mulch...

There is some extra room in there now but I think I'll just leave it so the azaleas can stretch out.
I left a few of their branches long enough to half bury in the dirt. If the branches develop roots, I can dig the new plant up and move it away from the lilac a bit.

I have some ceramic gnomes in the shed. This would be a good place to put them for the summer!

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